Reformed Church Women's Ministries


It all started when...

In March of 1915, the Ladies Aid & Missionary Society was organized to work for the Church and for Missions. In 1932, a second ladies’ society was formed because many women wished to speak in English instead of the Holland language. This group was called the Jubilee Circle. Then in 1959, the two groups combined to form the Guild for Christian Service.

The Synod of the West in 1973 requested that the women’s groups reorganize and the name was changed to Reformed Church Women (RCW) with the 3 circles being formed in our church- Faith, Hope and Friendship.

Today we are called the Reformed Church Women’s Ministries and still have our 3 circles that make up the RCWM although the Faith and Hope Circles meet together on the 3rd Thursday morning and the Friendship Circle meeting is still in the evening on the 3rd Thursday. The combined RCWM meets on the 1st Thursday evening. Our Purpose: To glorify God. Our Mission Statement: We, as RCW, unite in devoting ourselves to Jesus Christ, discipling one another in love, and developing a responsibility for mission through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. At each meeting, a lesson is presented using the Bible and Study Books with different individuals leading the lesson.


The RCWM is very involved in mission projects, service, and leadership. Annual events include:

– Cradle Roll (Gifts for the Children) – a means to collect for missions while recognizing new births within the church family

– Easter White Breakfast – a community outreach

– Mother-Daughter Banquet – family fun and fellowship

– Brown Bag Sunday – Food collection for SOS in Primghar

– Angel Tree Offering – gifts for families of prison inmates

– Responsible for organizing funeral lunches

We encourage all ladies of the church to join one of our Circles and RCWM.